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The Message / EWS1# Location

The Message - Early Warning System 1# / Time-Capsule: Kharon’s Obol (2012) by Lauri Wuolio.

Geographic coordinate system
+60° 8' 48.34", +24° 52' 23.76"

Downloads for GPS navigation devices
Ews1 coordinates .ZIP various formats (.csv, .txt, .lmx, .gpx, .asc, .kml, .oms, .loc ...)
Direct link .kml (Google Earth)
Direct link .gpx

240 m SSW from Särkikuja 2 (Mörtgränd 2).
00210 Helsinki, Finland, EU.
Public transportation
Bus 65A, 66A, 21V to Melkonkatu "endstop" [1052] in Lauttasaari (Vattuniemi) then 500m walk to SW

Look for boulder facing South-West. EWS1# is type “Virtual“ GEOCACHE.  Be prepared to get your feet wet. Upon discovery send image of device to eero@storijapan.net (CO). Cachers who have found the spot will be added to a virtual guest book at: http://oree.storijapan.net/praxis/the_message/

ONKALO Coordinates + 61°14′13″N +21°26′27″E
Distance between locations: 220.7 km (EWS1#-Onkalo)
Initial bearing (from EWS1#): 304°43′32″
Final bearing: 301°46′03″
Midpoint: 60°42′06″N, 023°12′21″E

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