Ore.e : Enforce Social Responsibility, eco  kiva 1.0 [O:ESRek1.0]

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MATERIAL(s) provided and licensed by the OWNER(s) are to be used under the terms of the O:ESRek1.0 - License. Derivative works and copies can be made but the same license applies.
O:ESRek1.0 [esrek]  is a multi-license. If you meet the following terms use the WTFPL - Public License instead. 

If YOU are an active member of a Social Center or have supported such activities.
If YOU (as an individual NOT as a representative of an organisation or a company/institute/establishment) are featured in the material.
If YOU work for or run a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE yourself.

The O:ESRek1.0 [esrek] license by Ore.e - Refineries is licensed under a Creative Commons Non-commercial 3.0 License. Derivative licenses of it can be crafted to suit your needs.

 Creative Commons License

Definitions: Terms of use

OWNER(s) = Creator and Copyright owner of the MATERIAL(s).

MATERIAL(s) = Images (photos, logos), sounds, text and video. In both digital and analogue file formats or extracts (samples, cropped, enhanced images etc.) of the here mentioned material.

YOU = You personally, your organisation or the company/institute/establishment, you run/work in.

MULTIMEDIA = Any digital or analogue medium using audio, moving picture or text.

PUBLICATION(s) = Print publications such as catalogues, magazines, posters and books and any MULTIMEDIA publications both on- and off-line.

COMMERCIAL = Making or intended to make a profit for YOU.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE / ENTREPRENEURSHIP =  "Social enterprises are, fundamentally, about using a market-driven business models to address key social and environmental issues."

FOR NON-PROFIT Terms of use

The MATERIAL(s) is free to be used by YOU in PUBLICATION(s) - in connections which have-or-will present the services (in the form of seminars, exhibitions, fairs etc.) of the OWNER(s).  And in MULTIMEDIA presentations given the following terms are met.
1. MATERIAL(s) is to be credited to the OWNER(s) (If not otherwise mentioned).
2. Link to OWNER(s) web-site must bee shown in the PUBLICATION(s).
3. On the page/spread etc. the MATERIAL(s) is presented on ONLY companies working under  the SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP guidelines are to be presented. Absolutely NO logos, texts or other infomercial details of companies other then companies engaged in SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP are to be shown.

The OWNER(s) does not need to be notified of the usage of this MATERIAL(s) in non-profit PUBLICATION(s).

FOR PROFIT Terms of use

The following OWNER(s) MATERIAL(s) may be used in any COMMERCIAL PUBLICATION(s) IF the following terms are met.

First introduce YOUR SELF to The Kiva micro-finance system at www.kiva.org (Named here as KIVA). For each MATERIAL(s) used in the PUBLICATION(s) ONE (1) loan must be given to non-specified entrepreneur situated in West-Africa. YOU may choose an entrepreneur to your liking if the OWNER(s) has not pre-selected an entrepreneur for you.

IF the PUBLICATION(s) is printed on re-cycled paper – NO (0) loan must be given using KIVA. IF the PUBLICATION(s) is printed on new paper X2 loans per MATERIAL(s) must be given trough KIVA. IF the MATERIAL(s) are hosted on a server running on FREE SOFTWARE – NO (0) loan must be given using KIVA. IF the MATERIAL(s) are hosted on a server running on PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE X2 loans per MATERIAL(s) must be given trough KIVA. IF the MATERIAL(s) is capsulated in FREE MULTIMEDIA FILE FORMATS – NO (0) loan must be given using KIVA. IF the MATERIAL(s) is capsulated in PROPRIETARY MULTIMEDIA FILE FORMATS X2 loans per MATERIAL(s) must be given trough KIVA.

(example. Richie is a walking ecological catastrophe and uses one [1] photo for a catalogue he is making. The catalogue is printed on NEW paper so he gives two [2] loans using KIVA. Claire is smart and uses two [2] photos for a book she is making. The book is printed on re-cycled paper and so she does NOT need to send a loan using KIVA. BUT she ain't a believer and as the web-site, she posts the same images to, is on a server running on proprietary software... For the two [2] photos she uses, four [4] loans must be given using KIVA. Billy is a talented kid and a poster he is making is printed on re-cycled paper, the server he is hosting photos on  is running on free software. BUT for a video which includes three [3] photos from the Ore.e PRESS kit... He is confused and chooses h.264 over Theora and hence six [6] loans must be given using KIVA. Lucky Ségodo.)

For each MATERIAL(s) used the OWNER(s) must be notified in the medium specified by the OWNER(s). In the notification details the amount of money and person the money was share to (trough KIVA) must be mentioned. And a link to the web-site/ISBN of  the PUBLICATION(s) must be mentioned. One copy of the PUBLICATION(s) must be posted to the OWNER(s) predetermined mailing address.

Disclaimer Terms of use

The O:ESRek1.0 license seems strict and prohibitive but we are open for discussion on the terms – The field of contemporary art gives us the possibility to enforce these kinds of issues trough copyright policies and with great power comes great responsibility.