Ore.e - Exhibition at Aalto EE

Temporary exhibition in Aalto University Executive Education Oy office spaces. Late Fall 2010 Early Spring 2011. Ore.e Ref. work shown next to artwork form "Land Values - REBOOTED" (Vainio, Yli-Vakkuri 2007-08) project and Bonk - Industries (Alvar Gullichsen) print.

The space was a corridor combining Aalto EE spaces with an open cantina.
Basic set of Ore.e Ref. material was shown in a small corner of the corridor. The image seen top left is now in the ownership of Pekka Ruuska Co-Founder Arteles (arteles.org).
Land Values - Rebooted project took majority of wall space.
Land Values was an investigation to the econimical and cultural connections of Tallinn and Helsinki the wall ended up to the Bonk Industries image. Pulling it all together.

This project relates to Ore.e refineries which is a non-registared company producing refined ore at any location. Using traditional methods. So far the project has produced one copper-plate usable for fine printmaking, one drawing NOT depicting Cecil John Rhodes and a campaign for not designing chairs. Ore.e Ref. would like to thank the residency program of Villa Karo in Grand Popo, Benin for their support to the project. Hope the forge blower we build with Boris is in good use!

Last updated: 2.1.2012