Ore.e - Smithing in Public Places 1

Basic skills in smithing and knowledge on the equipment which is required for forging are useful to know if you want to learn how to design sustainable living environments. During the "Introduction to Blacksmithing" workshop participants where envited to BUILD equipment needed for forging, using local resources and learn the basics of forging. The following pictorial features a selection of images from this venture. The workshop was offered as a part of the "Helsinki Public School" curriculum - "Free P2P education for all". (http://helsinki.thepublicschool.org/fi/class/2755)

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List of raw material and items currently in stock.
The idea was that each partisipant would produce a knife for them selfs (or as gifts). Files are used before sharpening the knifes.
Tools where provided by Jesse and his an other blacksmith, who he shares the workspace with.
In the behind there is an anvil.
The forceblower was used by hand. The furnace is a student project Jesse made "back in the days".
The smithie was set up next to the Old Town of Helsinki. On the side of the road next to the rapids.
Jesse is working in a crouched position. The same position in which Ovamboland smiths work.
The required heat was quite easy to produce. Here Jesse is flattening the iron.
After flattening Jesse continued to to make a "collar" for the knife.
When the collar was made the iron was cut using a "cold cutting techique".
Now the metal is cold and as it turns into a spesific shade of blue it can be cut clean with a single blow.
Explaining the process of "cold cutting". The spesific shade of blue is impossible to show in photographs.
At this point the shapes are made in a rough manner.
The forgin part of the process is pretty much compleat. After this we turn to other tools.
As a finalization of the forging process the heated handle of the knife is pushed into the wooden handle. The hole is burned which makes it a perfect fit for the knifes handle.
The day continued. But batteries of the camera drained out during lunch hours. Darn it's cold to work outside during wintertimes! Picture of the finalized knife can be seen on Jesses webpages http://www.jesse.storijapan.net


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