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Sound of Work: Blacksmith edition 1

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Sound of Work: Blacksmith edition 1

The sound pack consists of tool and machine themed samples recorded at Jesse Sipola’s smithy close to Turku, Finland. The samples are aimed for music and sound design. Everything has been captured in 24-bit 96kHz using a Tascam DR-40 and a Sony ECM-NV1. Majority of sound are in MONO (2 channel). Only moderate EQ tools and noise removal has been used during the mastering process. The sound pack has 324 files extracted from 142 recordings.

Sipola followed a click track (80bpm, 4/4) while performing various work phases using the tools he likes best. The samples have been chopped into bar/beat lengths, which makes them suitable for blues-projects out of the box. The power hammer is an exception (82 & 107bpm). It’s offbeat rhythms work great for musique concrète discotheque (a quantised version in 80bpm is also provided).

The collection includes one shots, loops and long clips (where you can hear complete work phases, ambients and machine cycles). We also made a binaural recording, which can be used to identify how different sounds fit together at the smithy. This is an archaeoacoustic sound library. We hope you will enjoy, use, remix and share these sounds of labor.

We are particularly happy with the pneumatic tool samples and the assortment of Atlas Copco sounds! These tools are in frequent use at Sipola’s smithy. The types and models of tools are indicated in the filenames. Metadata (ID3v2.3.0 & RIFF INFO) has been added to the 24-bit 96kH .wav files (The naming system is detailed below).

We grant you full right to perform, edit, share and remix these recordings any way you see fit. You can use the material in commercial projects. If you make something really cool we’d love to hear it (See COOL1 for details). This publication is a part of Ore.e Refineries 10 year celebration.

Download / Links

  • The complete sound pack is available for download as a .zip file (1,11gb) on archive.org. An overview with short extracts from different sounds is available for easy listening. Download the sound pack from: https://archive.org/details/sow-blacksmith-ed1

List of Audio files

Files in the full .zip file available at archive.org organized by “Category of tool” > “Type of tool” > “File name”. The file names show the model of the tool and hint to the action performed with it.


138_ = A catalog number for identifying different samples which belong to the same recording
atlas-copco-npk-nrd-14r = Tool manufacturer and model
1- = For organising samples into neat list, longest sample first
run_ = A description of the sound, number indicates amount of actions
4bar = The length of the sample (4 action samples should loop ok).

ID3v2.3.0 & RIFF INFO metadata has the same data as but in cleaner format. Tags and descriptions have been added into the files using https://kid3.sourceforge.io


2017-09-15 Made a nifty file MB.wav which has a selection of blacksmith sounds arranged into a file so that it can be played on a keyboard when mG2 is set to play the file "un-tuned". Each key triggers a different sound.
2017-07-25 Added a collection of sounds optimized for microGranny 2 by Bastl Instruments. mG2 is a granular synthesizer. Got some positive feedback on the sound pack from Kimmo Modig. We hosted an exhibition and performed gig based on SOW at Akusmata gallery with the support of Kristian Ekholm. Here is a video of the exhibition.
2017-03-29 Today is the day! Made a video announcing the Novation Circuit .syx selection. Posted it on the NC user group in Facebook. Frederic confirmed that the files are ok in freesound (still some tweaking to do). Published a teaser on soundcloud. The archive.org file is still being processed but if everything goes as planned I can start wearing the Atlas Copco cap I got from the company as a sponsorship (Both for myself and Jesse) as a token of a successful publication.
2017-03-26 Discovered a silly error in the freesound.org upload. Had wrong bpm tags in power-hammer files. All fixed now. I'll repair the file data on freesound after we get the rest of the .cvs data confirmed.
2017-03-26 Uploaded the files to freesound.org and prepared the .csv to accompany the collection.
2017-03-23 Added single shots for Kristian. Still working on the metadata of the full collection.
2017-03-22 Got the webpage running. Authoring metadata (.csv) following freesound.org specifications (as provided by Frederic Font Corbera). Fixing the metadata is stressful and boring. Send a thank-you note to Kimmo Modig in regards of his tips for announcing the sound pack. Selected a collection of one shots for Kristian Ekholm in preparation of our Kontula Electronic gig. Feeling irritated over the definition of Musique Concrète.

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