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The Message / EWS1#...

Ore.e Refineries is a small company advocating sustainable design.


We carved a message onto bedrock. It is addressed to the civilization which will discover the Onkalo - Nuclear Waste Repository being build at: 61°14′13″N 21°26′27″E (Finland). The radioactive fuel rods placed in Onkalo will remain hazardous for more than 100,000 years and as such Onkalo is the most epic building sites in history. From 2011 to 2017 international audiences had the opportunity to propose texts for us to carve. After consideration we chose to send the message using an existing graffiti as a template.

The author of the PIMPELIPOM text is unknown and we hope that the civilization which discovers Onkalo will find comfort in the messages absurdity. PIMPELIPOM does not mean anything but in this context it could be translated as "shit happens and we cant change shit because we are the shit". The graffiti was originally painted using spay paint and we used rock carving chisels to rewrite the text on site. The result is the worlds first permagraffiti. Project was completed 2017 (It was originally set to be ready 2015). Special thanks to Timo Bredenberg for supporting the project early on!

To make things a bit safer we manufactured the Early Warning System Project (EWS) in the spring of 2012. EWS's devices are a series of handmade navigational instruments. The instrument was embedded to bedrock etc. each facing to the Onkalo site.




The first Early Warning System (EWS1#) was forged out of CRES (stainless steel). It was installed in a public location in Helsinki, Finland the summer of 2012. Finnish contemporary artist and musician Lauri Wuolio was contracted to select and/or craft items for a time-capsule which was placed behind the EWS1# and embedded inside a boulder next to the seashore. The device faces towards the Onkalo site. Some details on the "EWS1# / Time-Capsule" content entitled "Kharon’s Obol" (2012) by Lauri Wuolio are found on the artists website and related assignment documents are found here (.pdf).

The location of EWS1# is not announced. You may gain access to the site upon sending an SMS request to 00-358-50-5729743 (Ore.e Ref.). Once a message requesting instructions is received accurate gps coordinates will be provided in .gpx, .kml, .lmx, .loc, .asc, and/or .cvs formats. These instructions will guide you to the site within 10m accuracy. The location has been announced on popular geocaching sites – But entitled differently.

 the_message_pin_for_mapsPrint Your Own: "Pixel-Kharon Mask (A4)" (.pdf)

The EWS1# is located 221km from the Onkalo site. The device and content of the time-capsule are estimated to last intact on location until 2500-3000 CE (If nothing drastic happens the instrument may remain on site until the next ice-age). On site EWS1# may be used by people with skills in navigation and access to maps (and knowledge on contemporary the metric- and numeral systems) or skills in observational astronomy (and cryptography); to find the "Onkalo" - Nuclear Waste Repository site. After the instrument is damaged the time-capsule and it's content(s) will become accessible for audiences.

Conpilation – Sensured

300617 Added PIMPELIPOM and closed the project. Heard from Emmi M. that Tatu's father had spotted the EWS1# in the wild. He had taken a picture of it and uses it as his FB backround image, without knowing that it was made by us! The PIMPELIPOM carving was made as a part of the International Workers' Day celebrations 2017. The sites location is secred (it's far from Onkalo) but if someone wants to visit the site I'll take you there. The concept of permagraffiti is motivating. Wayback Machine has Wuolios entrys intact: original post & media.
100912 Added images and "the message" form so that we'll get some data! Cleaned texts. Site online.
150812 History: The Message project started on Facebook where a "page" (68 fans) was made 100710. The page was marketed for various environmental/anti-nuclear organizations but the project was not noticed. The Facebook site has "admins" and it's currently not clear how the project will continue in Facebook. Contact to Finnish Greenpeace was established but the entire project was drafty and no collaboration ideas where pushed in motion at that time. There is now some spam on the page which seems to suit the project in a ironic way. The Message – Facebook page will be maintained even as the projects focus is now guided to Ore.e Ref. project site.

Ore.e Refineries advocating sustainable design.

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