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Fairchild FJN3303R NPN Transistor

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Fairchild FJN3303R Delivery Provenance & stock
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Fairchild FJN3303R Delivery

Need a transistor? You are in luck. Ore.e Ref. has 7 units to spare and we are committed to delivering you the required FJN3303R NPN transistors. Send us an SMS or give us a CALL and we will mail you the amount you request. The chips will packed is protective electrostatistic materials and sent to you for FREE.

Tel. (0)50-57-29-743 Replace (0) with +358 for calls outside of Finland.

The charge is the same as for normal local calls or domestic mobile call charge as specified in your telephone service provider's price list.

We would love to hear what you are building but this is not requirement. The unit(s) will be send over via snail-mail anywhere in the world without any expenses to you. We deliver globally and when requesting the transistors in Helsinki they will be brought to you by a bicycle courier.

Reading this on Wayback Machine or a similar archive? Don't worry, these chips last longer then websites. Don't hesitate to be in touch, we got you. We at Ore.e Refineries aim to keep the transistors available until year 2121 or as long as the stock lasts.

Not getting a response from the phone number? Don't worry, reach out to any member of Ore.e Ref. staff and ask for details. The offspring (3) of Management & Sales liaison Yli-Vakkuri and their partner, have been informed of the FJN3303R NPN transistor delivery arrangement and taught to handle it. Try (0)/44/97/64/998, (0)/44/98/34/703 or look people up by the surname.

Interested in the preservation of the inner logic of electronic components and the functionality they enable? Get in touch to learn more about pedagogical and archivist tools the preservation and distribution of FJN3303R's is calling us to develop. Preservation of electronic heritage requires for new traditional dances and songs.

Provenance & stock

A post on Modwiggler forum from May 2015 shows that a user had acquired 200 transistors and used a few for a RYO VC eurorack sequencer build. The user was contacted in the fall of 2021 and an agreement concerning the further distribution of 20 transistors send to Helsinki was made.
  1. A batch of 20 Fairchild FJN3303R NPN transistors were shipped to Helsinki. (20)
  2. Three transistors were used to build a RYO Paths eurorack module. (17)
  3. Three transistors sent to grm to be used in a RYO Paths build. (14)
  4. Six transistors send to Mike to be used in RYO Paths build. (7)

Downloads & Links

FJN3303R NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor datasheet (2002)
TRANSISTORIZED! (1999) Dir. Gary Glassman. Fairchild mentioned at 48:45


20230403 First international delivery. One transistor is missing! Wonder if I originally received only 19. I haven't tested the Benjolin-Paths connection yet, I'll try it tomorrow.
20211102 First shipment of first chips! Got gifted forestcaver Benjolin PCBs in exchange. Now the initiative has a sound! Paths and Benjolins… How will they work together?
20211027 This distribution arrangement announced at Modwiggler (27.10, 23:22) and /llllllll.co (got nice feedback). Planning to store the units behind an old painting by a distant relative. They would easily fit behind the frame. The beauty of the painting would add to the appeal of the otherwise dull looking chips. Keeping tabs on the development here.
20211020 "Little blighters" received. The units got stuck in customs for a week
20210924 A batch of 20 "little blighters" was send to Helsinki (distance ~1900 km)
20210916 First contact made trough Modwiggler forum

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