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Crafts, Metals and Ore Refining with a Twist!

Celebrating 5 years of successful business and original research Ore.e Ref. is glad to offer this complementary collection on imagery and sounds for you personal enjoyment:

These items are intended to be used in your mobile phones as ringtones and as wallpapers or screen-savers on your PDA's / personal computers.

The artwork is based on Edward Linley Sambournes "The Rhodes Colossus: Caricature of Cecil John Rhodes" which was published 10 December 1892 in "Punch" (British weekly magazine of humour and satire 1841-1992/2002) after Mr. Rhodes announced plans for a telegraph line and railroad from Cape Town to Cairo.

The colossal figure of Mr. Rhodes was removed by Ore.e Ref. to create a remake drawing "Africa without Cecil John Rhodes" (2010). Using this remake as basis we placed mr. Rhodes back as a ghostly figure fading in and out, inside a "morse-code-limbo". Videos are packaged according to HTML5 standards. The .gif image is optimized for low bandwidth internet connections. A cornerstone of Ore.e Ref. is that our online presence is optimized for low bandwidths so that we may reach craftspeople in the periphery of the web.

It has been a jolly ride and we are actively promoting post-industrial design solutions from printmaking tools to educational services. At the time of this writing the products of Ore.e Ref. are being show in exhibitions across Finland and plans for new design are on their way.

All material given for your usage under the [O:ESRek1.0] NON-PROFIT Licence.

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VINTAGE Ore.e Refineries logo (2007-2011) (Embedded with XMP metadata).

"Metadata is the Roadmap of the Future"

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