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Fairchild FJN3303R Delivery

Need a transistor? Ore.e Ref. has a few units to spare and we are committed to delivering you the required FJN3303R NPN transistors. The chips will packed is protective electrostatistic materials and mailed to you for free. We aim to keep the transistors available until year 2121 or as long as the stock lasts. More on project web-pages.


p3rm46r4ff171 Table of Content

Ore.e Ref. was contracted in 2021 to produce an artwork for the Pori Art Museum "Performing the Fringe'' exhibition and produced a series of engravings for the Kannistonkallio quarry. The engravings were 1:1 copies of existing quarry graffiti and carved to the granite bedrock using chisels. In total some 45 graffitis were copied. More on project web-pages.


New York Sock Repair & Exchange Table of Content

Send your broken socks to be repaired in New York City. After your socks are fixed, they will be washed in the East River, photographed against the Manhattan skyline and returned back to you. Fixed and clean! The text NYSRE18 (New York Sock Repair & Exchange) will be embroidered on the repaired socks to commemorate the repair. The service pilot is operational between Aug-Dec 2018. Details on project web-pages


Berlin Wall Distortion Table of Content

The Berlin Wall Distortion is based on the Electra distortion circuit. The rotary switch is used to guide the incoming signal towards three different capacitors. The first setting goes to Berlin Tegel Airport and emphasizes treble, setting two passes RAF Gatow airport emphasizing bass moderately and setting three passes trough Tempelhof Airport and it emphasises bass tones heavily. More on project web-pages

Berlin Wall Distortion

Sound of Work: Blacksmith edition 1 Table of Content

The sound pack consists over 200 samples recorded at Jesse Sipola’s smithy close to Turku, Finland. The samples are aimed for music and sound-design. Sipola followed a click track (80bpm, 4/4) while performing various work phases using the tools he likes best. The samples have been chopped into bar/beat lengths, which makes them suitable for blues-projects out of the box. Enjoy, use, remix and share these sounds of labor. Download on project web-pages


Hevoslinja / Trans-Horse (2014-2021) Table of Content

Trans-Horse project studies contemporary horse culture and advances travel by horse between the cities. A finnhorse The Awaited Son (fi. Toivottu Poika) was hired for the usage of the project to further expand the experience. As a highlight of the project The Riders of Ore.e Refineries (Yli-Vakkuri, Sipola, Karppinen & Kylmälä)  connected the cities of Helsinki to Turku via horseback. More on the project web-pages (Mostly Finnish).


Seli-seli seppele (2012-2013) Table of Content

A public artwork commissioned from Ore.e Ref. by Akaa Gymnasium rector Tuovi Ronkainen. The multipart artwork Seli-seli seppele (Loose translation. Bla-bla Wreath) is installed in the main staircase of the Akaa Gymnasium & Toijala co-educations school building. The artwork is constructed from school memorabilia and outdated teaching equipment. The production of the artwork intertwined with arbitrary school activities and took a year to complete. More on the artwork web-pages (Mostly Finnish).

Snellman + Money

Ownership Renunciation Services Table of Content

Is property a burden for You or those dear to You? Ownership Renunciation Services – ORS can be used to renounce ownership rights to property. It is useful when renouncing ownership of chattels, immovable property and intellectual concepts. The service is offered in LITE and PRO versions. Learn more on the service web-pages.


Anti-Imperial Moustache Wax Table of Content

We are searching for the perfect ingredients for our first cosmetic product. If everything goes accordingly the "Anti-Imperial Moustache Wax" will ultimately be made exclusively from materials specific to the Baltic Sea Drainage Basin environment. To achieve this Ore.e Ref. has launched a testing program targeting Gentles with Handlebar Moustaches. Small batches of moustache wax is delivered for selected tester who are expected to provide feedback on the product. The project works as a starting point in an effort to understand the concept of "ecogeographical thinking" better and to experiment with male facial hair aesthetics. More on wax web-pages.

Anti-Imperial Moustache Wax LOGO

Time to Your Door / Speaking Clock (Aikapalvelut) Table of Content

"Time to Your Door" services deliver the exact time to the location of Your choosing. Customer service personnel arrives to the site you specify, to announce the time according to your request. "Time to Your Door" is a luxurious way of keeping time. The service is suitable for maintaining your everyday working rhythm and as a featured service of ceremonial occasions. The service is currently available exclusively in Helsinki but also includes "Speaking Clock" features. More on the product web-pages.


NO-CHAIR-DESIGN Challenge (NCD-C) Table of Content

28.07.2011 Ore.e Ref. challenged designers of the world to NOT design chairs. We believe that the world already has enough chairs. Designing new ones only takes time away from renovating the ones we already have. Full details on the project is found on the official campaign web-pages. This is the first project Ore.e Ref. has utilized video to promote its cause. The project had it's highlights 2012.


Africa without Cecil John Rhodes Series Table of Contentx

Celebrating five years of successful business and original research Ore.e Ref. is glad to offer a collection on imagery and sounds for your enjoyment. Follow link and download .gif animations and mobile ringtones. The artwork is based on Edward Linley Sambournes "The Rhodes Colossus: Caricature of Cecil John Rhodes" which was published 10 December 1892 in "Punch" (British weekly magazine of humor and satire 1841-1992/2002) after Mr. Rhodes announced plans for a telegraph line and railroad from Cape Town to Cairo.

Usage of Image see: O:ESRek1.0 - License

D2T (Digital-to-Tangible) Table of Content

We live in times during which exabytes of digital data is processed daily. Libraries are being digitized and personal photo albums shared online, with no guarantee of the services sustainability – Will they be here for the next 10 years? Most devises storing digital data are not  designed to last trough times. Hard-drives get corrupted and computers capable to interpret data on hard-drives require electricity and computer skills to work. Ironically information on how to use computers is commonly stored in .pfd/.html manuals inside the hard-drives. Even physical manuals are printed on poor paper, using lousy inks.

A bigger issue is that mechanically produced reproductions don't require labor from the end copier and are incapable of adding intrinsic value to the storage medium. This means that in time, manuals and other texts, images etc. which are not made beautiful will be used for something else (possibly for heating the house). As a solution to data preservation issues Ore.e Ref. is working to convert selected digital documents into physical manuscripts. The work is done by hand on acid free papers, using the same inks one can find in pre-industrial books. To test these ideas, the front page of the most read online publication of Finland was undigitized (un-di) in 2008 and in 2016 we organized a clinic & workshop called Digital-to-Tangible for the Rescue Museum organized by Päivi Raivio at See this sales receipt as an example of our professional services.

Please contact us to learn if we can help you in converting important digital data into tangible forms. Contact only by phone: 00 358 50 57 29743 (00=+ in local calls).

Usage of Image see: O:ESRek1.0 - License

The Message  Table of Content

An effort to notify future generations of the Onkalo NUCLEAR WASTE repository.  During a social project You have the opportunity to send a message addressed to the civilization which will discover the Onkalo - Nuclear Waste repository being build at: 61°14′13″N 21°26′27″E (Finland). A message selected using a curated selection system will be carved to the bedrock close to the site. Ore.e Ref. is also working on an Early Warning System (EWS). EWS's devices are navigational instruments installed some hundreds of kilometers around the repository site. Learn more on project web-pages.


Legacy Tour > 2038 Table of Content

Before the year 2038 Ore.e - Ref. Crew will make a tour from Nordkapp to Cape Town (and back) using low-carbon transport vehicles. During this tour we will salvage material  to construct a human powered dynamo (capable to produce electricity for a laptop running a server 24/7) from different kinds of recycled and Ore.e Ref. style refined materials.

During the tour we will have the opportunity to fetch materials our clients have ordered from Europe, Asia and Africa. So if YOU are looking for specific materials from a specific region of the world the Legacy Tour > 2038 is a good opportunity get them – with out causing carbon pollution. Our route in Africa will take us in the footsteps of the telegram-line Cecil John Rhodes build to connect Cairo and Cape-Town early 1900. We will map its route and attempt to salvage pieces of this infrastructure.

The Tour will take place before 2038 (Hence the name "> 2038"). We are  looking for investors wanting to contribute to this tour and clients in need of material from specific regions of the world on route from Nordkapp (Norway) to Cape Town (The Republic of South-Africa).  Contact only by phone: 00 358 50 57 29743 (00=+ in local [Finland] calls).

The Mission of Ore.e Refineries. Table of Content

Ore.e Refineries is a public utility company advocating sustainable design and egalitarian work culture. When founded in 2007 we focused on producing a copperplate suitable for printing fine arts. Currently Ore.e Ref. is offering its services to  craftspeople and organization who wish to have a more personal relationship with the materials they use. We encourage people who use metals or ready-made material in their work to take note of the technology and ethical backgrounds how these materials are collected and refined. Ore.e Ref. is a manifesto for all handicrafts and the intrinsic value of handmade things.

Detailed information on the backgrounds of the project can be found in Yli-Vakkuri's blog and a pictorials from exhibition displaying our work in the context of art Voipaala (2009), Taidehalli (2010), AaltoEE (2011), Jyväskylä-Madrid (2012), Akaa (2013), SIC (2014), Mänttä (2015) and Akusmata (2017).

We are working hard to build Ore.e Ref. into a sustainable crafts organization. Currently we have aimed our services and goods for designers, artist, artworkers and artisans with very specific crafts and metal related needs – Possibly producing unique items. We can also scale our services to meet the needs of light industry. To reach our aims we are working in an ecologically and socially in an sustainable manner. We sacrifice short term profit for long term sustainability.

Our mission is to distribute wealth to craftspeople in all corners of the world. We are researching how to design a robust and scale-able system of goods production, which will be able to function in the true post-industrial era. A key tag for this project is the archaeology of the future, which as a term defines our approach to design. Ore.e Ref. invites you to speculate on the traces technologically driven cultures leave behind for the true post-industrial era.

Sharing of Profits. Table of Content

Let's rid ourselves of hierarchies: The designer, planner and laborer work the same. We exercise equal pay. Each member of a working group gets the same fee. By paying each member the same fee, we save valuable time and advance egalitarian work culture. When we started in 2007 we had a a plan to share 20% of profits made with any Ore.e Ref. related object sales trough The Kiva micro-finance system ( This arrangement has not worked well for us as during the first 15 years we only sold one item. The modest profits of this sale have not been shared. As sales catch on we will post news of micro-finance investments here.

In order to share profits we have also developed a licensing system "O:ESRek1.0 license" [esrek] which forces (or as we like to think invites) organizations to use the Kiva system, if they want to use any media owned by Ore.e Ref. For more details on how the distribution of wealth is made possible trough copyright policies see the FOR PROFIT segment of the esrek license. As of 2022 no one to our knowledge has used the materials licensed this way.

For Clients (and Investors) Table of Content

As a potential client or investor you might like to see a timeline of Ore.e Ref. which presents its development between 2007-2017. This scope goes to show that we are a stable company. Fueled with passion for arts and crafts and the ambition to develop sustainable systems of production.

"Craftspeople eat agile for breakfast ... scrum, scrum, scrum."

Funding for projects is applied both on the private and public sector. Sipola is running his own craft company Oshipala - Air Hammer Studio (corporate name "Oshipala"), the services of which are presented on company web-page. Yli-Vakkuri works as a freelancer (sole proprietor n. 2394036-1 FI) for multiple clients. Together they have over 40 years of experience as entrepreneurs in the fields of fine-arts and crafts.

Rates and prices for services and products:

Everything is negotiable and information is free. Do not hesitate to ask for an offer.  As an example the starting prices for copperplates suitable for printmaking is 80€ (+23% vat) (including worldwide shipping) but prices are dependent on the plates size and the raw materials needed for its production. Prices for the services we offer (DT2 and manufacturing of items, raw materials etc.) are not fixed as they depend on how demanding your project is.

There are other possibilities to solve issues with money:

We also accept ARTMONEY as payment. Artmoney is an international art project presenting a global, alternative currency. 20% of payment can be made using this currency. Learn more on their on their web-pages.


Between 2011-13 we also accepted BITCOINS as payment.

Our Bitcoin Address: (Forever closed)

Also Uuva - Currency of New Work is accepted but it is only useful for clients situated in Finland. Albeit currently unregistered in the system we also support the efforts of the CES - Community Exchange System branch Stadin aikapankki in Helsinki, Finland.

The PRESS kit (2010-2012) Table of Content

Am I allowed too use material linked to this project in my publication?

Yes. Feel free to use material in the The PRESS kit (2010-2012) and on the Ore.e Ref. web-site (if not otherwise licensed) if you follow the O:ESRek1.0 - License shown below, with the following details:

OWNER = Ore.e Refineries
OWNER(s) web-site =
OWNER(s) pre-selected entrepreneur = You may select an entrepreneur of your liking.
NOTIFY = with an SMS to 00 358 50 57 29743 (00=+ in local [Finland] calls)

Any other usage must be checked with Ore.e Refineries - Management and Sales -> See Staff for further contact details.

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"ESRek" Table of Content

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