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Ownership Renunciation Services

  Pronounced  [ɑːz]

Ore.e Refineries is a small company advocating sustainable design.

Ownership Renunciation Services – ORS [ɑːz]

Ownership Renunciation Services – ORS can be used to renounce ownership rights to property. ORS is useful when renouncing ownership of chattels, immovable property and intellectual concepts. After ownership renunciation all rights to the property will belong to the commons. The service is offered in LITE and PRO versions. The service is experimental and changes terms and definitions are documented below.


Is property a burden for You or those dear to You?

Ownership Renunciation Services - LITE leaves an ephemeral trace.
After informing us of the thing(s) which ownership You want to have renounced; We will contact concerned parties and renounce their ownership to the thing(s) You have specified. ORS–LITE is best suited for renouncing ownership of intangible property. It may proof useful in ownership affairs of the heart and other abstract affairs but applies for tangible items too. The renunciation act will take place via telepresence or by phone in a manner You have specified.
Ownership Renunciation Services - PRO is a documented tangible process.
In the first phase we will set long-term goals and evaluated the risks involved in the ORS–PRO process. After this our crew will enter a meticulous research phase. Using a variety of research methodologies we will excavate all juridical and moral grounds which can be used to renounce the ownership of the thing(s) You have specified. The process is documented. The eventual ownership renunciation will be handled personally by our discreet staff. When required Ore.e Ref. will find specialists to cover aid in specific legal and ethical issues. ORS-PRO is well suited for land- and intellectual property ownership renunciations.
For further inquiries, please contact our staff by phone 00358-50-57-29-743 (358 = Country Code of Finland).

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The Best Things in Life are Free (18.8.1927 [?]) Download:
George Olsen and his Music (Musical group), Bob Borger (Vocalist: Tenor vocal)
B. G. De Sylva (lyricist), Lew Brown (lyricist), Ray Henderson (composer)   
Victor 20872 10" disc (Camden, New Jersey, USA)
Victor Recordings (Victor Talking Machine Company).
Also featured in Good News Musical (1927)
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"LET'S BUILD A STEREOSCOPE" (Giorgio Carboni, April 1996)


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Ore.e Refineries is a small company advocating sustainable design.

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